The Story of a Lucky Encounter in Malaga Province


My friend was moving house, and I wanted to get her a house warming gift, to welcome her to her new home. I thought, “I know, a horseshoe would be a good gift, a horseshoe hung above the door, is a symbol of good luck and protection. The crescent shape representing the moon goddess”. Following on in my thoughts, “We are in Andalucia, where horses are in the DNA of many Andalucians, there must be a farrier nearby who can sell me a horse shoe”.

I searched on Google, and up came a name immediately – I called them, and was very surprised that the man who answered really wanted to help me. After all I was only after 1 horse shoe and there was never going to be any repeat business!.. I don’t even know anyone who I could recommend him to. None the less, we arranged to meet at an industrial complex in Alhaurin de la Torre the following Monday. All went well, I found the complex, and called him. He was delayed in Torremolinos and would take an hour to meet me. It was hot, no-one was out on the streets, but instead all sheltering in cafes, only the odd lizard running for shade among the rocks on the road side. The heat rose up from the tarmac like a Gaussian blur, I realised I needed to be like the lizard and find some shade.

I decided to go have a drink at the bar, while I waited for him, I had forgotten to bring a bottle of water with me for the journey and was thirsty. Eventually the sign-written van arrived, and out stepped the most handsome Spanish man, with a smile beaming from him as wide as his face. He was so excited to meet me. I though to myself, you have no idea how happy I had been to find him. We looked through the horseshoes in his van, and came up with one. I reminded him that he had said they have to be bought in pairs. He asked me,”what the horseshoe was for again”, I explained, it is for a friend who is moving house and the new house should have a horseshoe pinned to the front door, or above it, for good luck and protection. He replied, with a different expression on his face, this time serious and sincere,  “madam, it is my luck to have been able to give you this horseshoe, I cannot ask for money, and the luck that is contained within, will be transferred to the new owner – I wish your friends family happiness and good fortune in their new house”.

He warmly shook my hand, and gave me the customary kiss on both sides of my face, I was stunned, and in a trice he was off, waving goodbye from his van window. I looked at the horseshoe, and pinched myself, thinking, if I did not have the horseshoe in my hand on this very hot day, this event might have just been a mirage!




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